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June 1st, 2024

Our Core values

The Core Value of ASCO is to “Honor God.” Other values include:


To be a blessing to our employees and their families by providing them a standard of living and an opportunity for growth and self-improvement well above the norm.


To be a good corporate citizen continually involved in community philanthropic causes.


To be a blessing to our employees, our customers, our communities, and our stockholders.


To provide “Continually improving” superior, ethical service to all ASCO customers that exceeds their expectations and what the competition can provide.

To meet the values listed above, each ASCO Branch is challenged by ownership to create, organize and host a meaningful community event to raise money for a chosen charity.

Our History

Every year, ASCO Equipment challenges each of its locations to raise money for a great cause selected by its employees, and each year the Belton, Texas branch answers that call with hosting the ASCO Spartacus Dash. This event has helped bring the total combined contributions from the Belton location to more than $280,000, benefiting several local and national charities (2012-2021).

For the team at ASCO Equipment in Belton, launching this annual charity race has been a lesson in endurance.

In 2012, the Belton team attempted to organize a 5K fundraiser to support Combat Marine Outdoors, a non-profit that organizes outdoor adventures for disabled veterans. After making T-shirts, distributing flyers and collecting a few donations, the big day arrived to the sound of crickets. “It was a disappointing start,” recalled Spencer Ridgeway, Belton branch manager, reflecting on the company’s inaugural year.

During a brainstorming session, a team member suggested the company add competitive challenges to the race. Looking to capitalize on the growing popularity of endurance events, ASCO launched the Spartacus Dash, Belton’s first and only obstacle course race.

The team started to spread the word while they got to work building obstacles like mud pits, rock walls and a cargo net anchored on each side by CASE excavators. Ridgeway was blown away by the support ASCO received.

“I think it was then that I was like, ‘Holy cow—this might just work,’” he said. “By the next year, we were pouring everything we had—money, manpower and resources—into the event. We were off and running from then on.”

Today, the ASCO Spartacus Dash has grown from just a handful of runners to more than 500 attendees from across the region, who come to Belton to challenge themselves to complete the three-mile-long course of fun (and occasionally grueling) obstacles.

Focus on building community
ASCO’s core purpose is to “be a blessing to teammates, customers, and communities,” which aligns perfectly with CASE Construction Equipment’s core purpose of building
communities. The Spartacus Dash is a crystal-clear reflection of both companies’ values, demonstrating why their partnership is such an enduring one.

Over the years, ASCO’s combined fundraising efforts have benefitted many worthy causes, including Combat Marine Outdoors, A Soldier’s Child Foundation, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and more. And in Belton, building community has taken on many forms. In addition to fundraising, since its inception, ASCO’s Spartacus Dash has made a positive impact on the local economy and brought people together—creating connections, building strong minds and bodies, and overcoming obstacles—of all kinds.

To support this event, e-mail us at ascospartacusdash@gmail.com.
To learn more about ASCO Equipment, visit ASCOEQ.com.


"ASCO Spartacus Dash is an exciting, locally established event that encourages community participation, while also helping to raise money for a different charity each year. All of the funds raised are then matched by the ASCO Foundation, which helps to bolster the strength of the fundraiser. The participants in the Spartacus Dash not only help to raise money for an amazing cause, but they also leave with a sense of accomplishment after defeating all of the obstacles. “If you take a look at the faces in the photos after the event, you'll see that joy, which is just one more reason we are proud to be a supporter!”
Don Ringler Chevrolet & Toyota
Proud to be continuing sponsors of the ASCO Spartacus DasH
“As a long time runner, I have participated in many running and endurance events from 5K's to full Ironman triathlons. Participating in running has had a positive impact on my physical and mental health while providing a sense of community. I wanted a chance to give back to the community as it has poured so much meaning and fulfillment in my own life. The ASCO Spartacus Dash gives me the opportunity to provide a rewarding race day experience for others as they aim to reach their fitness goals.”
Tanya Taylor - ASCO Spartacus Dash Director
Tanya Taylor
Race Director
“This event is one of Belton’s ‘best-kept secrets.’ The obstacle course has less to do with achieving a personal best than basking in the mud-and-dirt days of childhood in a friendly, uplifting environment. It’s just a cool way to exercise, have fun with your friends, get dirty and have a good excuse for doing it. The time doesn't matter so much. It’s more for personal satisfaction, to challenge yourself a little bit.”
Kristen - Helping with the Race
Kirsten Lancaster
Owner of Pro-Fit Race Timing, records and scores the finish line for the race each year.
“I have competed and won in 2015, 2016, and 2017. In 2018 and 2019, I gave back by volunteering alongside the Race Crew. I offered race day support and shared my years of racing expertise with them regarding course set up and race day procedures. I return each year to participate or volunteer because it is a great race that supports local charities. Spencer and his ASCO crew have improved the race every year. This race is something unique. You can run a 5k or 10k almost every weekend in this area, but there is only one ASCO Spartacus Dash.”
Lance Gay
Course record holder.


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